Saturday, October 26, 2013

Diwali Festival Hotel Packages

Diwali Festival  Hotel Package:-

The Diwali Festival of India is one of the biggest celebrations for those of the Hindu faith. Diwali specifically stands for row of lights. The five day celebration is also coined as the Festival of Lights due to the direct translation. As part of celebrating this special time in Hindu culture is near the end of the festivities when Diwali observers present gifts to those near and dear to them. The significance of this ancient celebration is that it is held at a specific time of year as the dates beginning on Dhanteras. Partakers in Diwali are seeking divine blessings from the Goddess of Wealth. Many of the traditions associated with the festival in India are carried out in individual homes. This includes traditional Diwali foods, poetry, decorations and songs. Visit the Diwali Festival personally to keep evil spirits at bay and experience an Indian tradition and cultural experience with Indira International Inn

Stay at Indira International hotel & resorts in Delhi & enjoy Diwali Festival
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